Yo, what the code.

You don’t have to go to the moon and back to understand what our solution is all about. Integrability options of DiGO might seem infinite, but our main objective is to keep focus on our in-scope applications.

Yo, what the code.

Plug 'n play with
our own code.

Catch the spark with DiGO and get in touch to discuss all technical details and financial outlines. Our method is
originated from a pratical solution to a tangible challenge asking fine tuning for a tailored fit. Most of our customers agree on a patent-license supplemented by customized development. We are very openminded to discuss alternative set-ups though.

The proof is
in the eating.

To establish the proper code connections we friendly challenge you to hack together. Let's hack, let's DiGO!

schedule a hackathon
Donut Laptop with code

Top notch secured.

100% Transparency

Together with our partners and customers we search for the ultimate security principles. All parties involved will be 'kindly forced' to be fully frank about server-locations and data routings. An important objective when integrating DiGO is to add value through trust. This is why trust is considered our middle name.

100% Identity Safety

Personal verification involves very sensitive private information.  Not only because of GDPR laws, but above all from a decency point of view we will be highly alert on protecting your data. We prevent unnecessary storage and make sure all traceable details are encrypted to the max.

Some of our
favorite components.

MySQL database

Open-source relational database management


Open-source PHP web framework


Lightning fast JSON REST APIs