It ain't no rocket science.

With our patented principles as starting points we are able to integrate DiGO in multiple processes where verification adds value & trust. Because we make use of proven methologies and combine these in a smart way our lead-time is very efficient.

It ain't no rocket science.

Let’s play,
let’s DiGO!

Traditional elements of most sports hopefully will never change. A ball should be kicked or hit through human interaction until the end of times. Digitization can help making sports future-proof by adding value to related processes. Our digital handshake will lower the hurdles towards a level playing field for valuation & certification of performances.

No more fingers

Healthcare is one the most discussed topics worldwide.
Global IT giants are highly focussed on all possible opportunities & challenges. Fear of missing out should not be the primary motive. More time and attention for the care of patients should. DiGO is able to mitigate the pain of time-wasting bureaucratic administrative validation concerns.

No more fingers crossed.
Never a package lost in space again.

Never a package
lost in space again.

Logistic companies are experiencing major benefits related to continuous growth of online shopping. In order to keep track large investments are made optimizing the (digital) customer journey. A wellknown downside of emerging markets is its attractiveness for fraud and crime. DiGO will add a secure finishing touch to the last-mile-experience.

Rate me, rate you with P2P valuation.

The demand for realtime ad hoc mutual valuation between people & peers is expected to increase heavily in the near future. DiGO carries all intelligence to instantly know where you stand and give your sincere opinion in return immediately. Bilateral rating in your pocket on the fly!

Rate me, rate you with P2P valuation.

Okay, let’s serve your business.

Okay, let’s serve your business.

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